The Denver Crossing

Note by the Denver lock keepers

Please do ring well in advance of your journey (01366 382013 – this will divert to our mobiles when we are out of the office). We can then answer your questions, advise you on timings, and arrange the best order for boats to lock through. This will depend on your destination and size of vessel:

  • The Denver to Salters Lode transit
  • The New Bedford river or 100ft to Earith,
  • The tidal Ouse to Kings Lynn and the Wash. 

Day-by-day timings will be published here next March, to cover the period April to October 2022.

Ben and Dan
October 2021

Denver Complex 01366 382013
Denver lock 01366 382340 (only during lock operations)
Salters Lode 01366 382292