Providing free moorings for members is an important part of GOBA’s work, and probably the main reason people become members. Most of the moorings are on privately owned land leased to us by the land owners on condition that we abide by certain terms and conditions. Please read the following conditions:

Moorings Conditions Of Use

  • The use of GOBA moorings is free to members and hirers of craft owned by members of GOBA.
  • There is a maximum stay of 48 hours.
  • Boats take priority over fishing. A reminder that fishing without a licence is an offence prosecuted by the EA and policed by water bailiffs and EA enforcement officers. The maximum fine is £2500.
  • Moor as close as possible to other boats and close up gaps if necessary. Help fellow members to find space or raft onto your boat at busy times.
  • Keep children and animals under proper control. There are often farm animals where moorings are on fields.
  • Do not light ground fires.
  • Pick up litter and dog mess.
  • Do not tie your ropes to GOBA mooring signs.
  • At Hemingford Meadow mooring, St. Ives, it is part of our agreement not to use the mooring on regatta days although you will normally be allowed to moor when racing is over. Advanced notice will be published in GOBA News.
  • Members are reminded that the use of GOBA mooring is at “own risk” and you are advised to have third party liability insurance.

For updates on the condition of moorings see our News pages.

To see our moorings (and other information) on a map, click here.

If you would like to report an issue concerning our moorings please email:

Upstream of St Ives

Downstream of St Ives (including tributaries)