Map Tips

You can just dive in and fiddle about with the map until you find what you want but it can seem a bit daunting so we’ve put together some advice for you.

  • On a touch screen device (phone, tablet, some laptops) you can zoom with two fingers as you would on a photo
  • On a normal screen use the + and – buttons on the menu on the left of the map. These work on phones etc too.
  • Click or tap on a map marker to reveal details. (See updates below)
  • Double click or tap on a marker to zoom in on it
  • The square icon on the menu makes the map fill your browser window
  • The ‘Share’ feature is a bit techie but you could for example embed a map of your trip in your email, website, blog…
  • The ‘Centre on location’ works on mobile devices with active GPS. Otherwise ignore it.
  • The ruler icon lets you measure distances. Place the cursor on the map and click move the cursor and click again. It measures in straight lines so on the river you can click multiple times to follow the course. Click the ruler again to cancel it
  • The next icon looks like an oil drum but signifies ‘layers’. Each category of feature is on a different layer and you can switch off those you aren’t interested in. Click the little eyeball symbol to toggle layers on/off
  • The next icon down reveals yet more options but the most interesting is the map background. The default background shows the river nicely but lacks detail of the surrounding area. Choose which ever background you prefer


Any map is only as good as the information it displays and information can go out of date quickly so if you find any references to facilities that have closed or things we have omitted please let us know. The ‘pop ups’ that appear when you click on a map marker can be almost any size but around 50 words seems right so if you can supply 560 words about your favourite pub/restaurant/marina/marina then we can paste them straight in.

If you have any other tips to pass on to other users, let us have them and we’ll add them to the list.