Photo Competition

When we created the new GOBA website in 2020 we used a photo from the previous site on the Welcome page. It was a great photo but very familiar to users of the old site so we wanted something new. None of the committee had anything particularly great to hand so we hatched the idea of a photo competition for members.

The first winner is Chris Beale with a suitably wintry scene taken at Denver Sluice. We’ll select a Spring image in a couple of months when the weather improves and we can (we hope) get back on the river.

Details of how to enter are on the GOBA Facebook page here. Next time you are on your boat or even on the river bank, take some photos and upload the best to Facebook. The entries will be judged by the GOBA News editor and the winner will feature on the website welcome page. The runner-up will be used on the GOBA Facebook page, and it’s possible Claire will want a photo for GOBA News too.