GOBA membership reminder email – GREMLINS !

If you pay your membership by Direct Debit you may have received a self generated reminder email on Tuesday 8 February suggesting that your membership is about to run out.

It appears gremlins have got into the system again. What it should have said is :-

although your 2021 membership has now run out, if you pay by DD your 2022 membership will automatically be taken in a few days”.

So as long as your direct debit remains in place – you don’t need to do anything – other than to continue to enjoy the many benefits of GOBA membership!

Good boating !


Membership Secretary

Footnote:- Another Gremlin has struck the GOBA email service, and I am currently unable to access or reply to membership@goba emails. We are currently working hard to fix this.


  1. Hi, I paid by debit card on 21st January after receiving your email. I now notice that a direct debit has just been taken on 17th March. Could you please arrange to refund this as we have now paid twice this year.
    Kind Regards
    Michael Murfitt

    1. hi, oh dear, most people did nothing while the direct debits were sorted out!
      i can arrange for our treasurer to return the paypal payment.
      can you confirm your membership number and if you have the transaction number, even better.

      1. Hi Chris, The same thing has happened to us, the DD was claimed twice through my Bank and paid on the 13th January and the 17th March, could you please arrange for a refund to correct this as you have for Mr Murfitt above.
        I have tried three times before to contact yourselves, emails and a previous message on this website, I found this message thread while looking for a reply to my earlier one.
        Hopefully this one will get a result,
        Thanks and Kind Regards,
        Helen Hinkins.

        1. helen,
          your 2021 subs were drawn down late last year as it took us till november to get the BACS mandate reinstated. so you have just paid 2021 and 2022 this year.
          sorry about the confusion
          roger Lill

          1. That is confusing and an explanation at the time would have been nice, the payment has in the past always been mid February. Now you have taken for this years membership will we be receiving a windscreen sticker?
            I note from my membership profile that I have apparently only been a member since Dec 8th 2020, this is disappointing as I have been a member continuously since 1992/3.

          2. yes, you are on the mailing list for magazine and sticker, roger

  2. On reading the above comments I must add mine as I have now paid 3 times and requested a refund , I have supplied the details and dates when the transactions took place more times than I can remember I have not recieved any feedback or replies to any of my mails
    At this moment GOBA owes me £64.00 but completely ignoring any correspondence sent

    1. hello P285
      you tried to pay by credit card/paypal on 29th Jan 22 but it was unsuccessful both times (cancelled then token/incomplete) so no money was paid.
      we were late processing the 2021 direct debits due to mandate problems, yours was drawn on 28th January this year.
      Your 2022 subs were drawn on 15th March, bringing us up to date. i am sure your bank statements will verify this.

  3. Hello

    My member ship number is S1252 and my 2022 Season membership payment has also been taken twice via PayPal on both the 12th and 19th January, accordingly could you please refund one of the payments.


    1. iv’e just checked and you are right. your subscription review date is 19th January and you must have tried to pay early on the 12th, so both went through. next year just leave it till 19th.
      we are having problems with Paypal refunds at the moment so i will arrange a refund through the bank. i’ll contact you off website for banking details
      roger Lill

    1. you can send a cheque if you wish for £23 payable to Great Ouse Boating Association Ltd
      26 Common Lane, Hemingford Abbots, Cambridgeshire PE28 9AN. If you are a returning or renewing member can you let me have your membership number/ref.
      You can also pay by bank transfer which you may find easier. i’ll email you with the bank details if you want to pay that way.
      let me know what you want to do.
      roger Lill

      1. Hi Roger I’m just trying to pay my membership and this looks to be the best way forward for me, to pay by bank transfer. Please could you email me the GOBA bank details to [email protected] Thanks and regards

  4. I wish to make a payment for our membership 2023/24. I would like to pay by BACS please would you confirm sort code and account details. My membership is M998. Thanks

    1. kevin,
      our account is Great Ouse Boating Association Ltd, sort 20-43-63, account 00419753.
      don’t forget to put your mem number on the reference
      the new subs rate is £28, just in case you forgot!

      1. Just found this one ! Looks to be the information that I need. Expect incoming membership subs from me

  5. We have automatic renewal each year through PayPal which was due today, PayPal paid the membership amount but it was returned to them by Goba and we received an email from Goba saying our membership has finished today.
    Could you explain why the renewal amount was returned please and also how we could continue with membership.
    Membership no. C1007

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