GOBA – reaction to EA consultation 22nd July 2021

GOBA – reaction to EA consultation 22nd July 2021 ​​New registration charges for 2022/4 ​​​​​​​​​​4th August 2021 The GOBA committee have studied in detail the EA proposals for a new charging regime for boat registration fees based on length x beam from 2022. The EA claim this will yield an increase in revenue of 6% 2022, 4% 2023, 0% 2024; that out of 3,946 boaters, 1080 will see a reduction, and 1183 an increase of under £50. You will notice that the Anglia region are being asked to approve the new charging scheme not the 6% 4% 0%, while the other regions are being asked to approve different things. The committee are seeking evidence that anyone on the River Great Ouse will experience lower fees, or even the illusory 6%, if you are one of the lucky ones then let us know. Examples taken from the proposed new rates for 2022; an average sized boat 8.23M x 2.80M will incur an increase of £135 (21%), a 7.6M x 2M narrow boat £80 (15%), and EA figures show some members will face even larger increases. The rates supplied reflect a huge base rate increase for our river and a punitive swipe at most cruisers making Anglia region the most expensive river system. We would welcome a straw poll of members on these pages, how much extra will you be paying? This is a consultation, a process which is “inform for approval”. The EA are not taking questions from us or any other interested group. In the last week GOBA have raised many issues and have received no reply. The EA are also making it known that the Anglia region have accepted the proposals – this is not true, GOBA have not made any such statement. The committee are recommending an absolute rejection of the new length x beam fee charging system proposed by the EAfor approval. The committee accepts that there will be an increase and will argue strongly for a straight 6% 2022, 4% 2023, 0% 2024 based on the current length only system. All members should log on to the EA consultation before 16thSeptember and make their feelings known in the relevant reply sections.
Roger Lill Chairman
Geoff Sutcliffe 07813 947038


  1. My licence charge will increase by £177 (41.4%) in 2022. I note the RYA who have the “ear of government” are responding to this consultation so they need to understand our objections.

  2. As far as I can see owning a Sheerline 950 my fees will increase by about 60%, having had various cruisers on the Great Ouse for probably at least 25 years and enjoyed the community and convenience to home.

    We also own another boat on the south coast where no such fees apply, but facilities are better !!!

    To be honest if this increase is applied, my boat will be one of the first ones loaded on to a low-loader and moved else where.

    The E.A. need to realise that in general boaters on the waterways keep them and the businesses that support them alive.

    I have spoken to many users of the Great Ouse and if these increases are applied a good many will move, they are hoping for an overall increase in income of 6% as I understand, which again I would regard as unjustified unless the E.A. can realistically describe what they are going to do with this extra income.

    The net result of their proposed increase will be a decrease in revenue, as I for one will not be prepared to pay the increased fee, which will have a detrimental effect on businesses in the area that support the boating community

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