Kings Lynn NtM 11/2021: Removal of East Stones Light Buoy

A message from the King’s Lynn Harbour Master:

Please see attached our NtM 11/2021 issued following the latest impact damage to the East Stones Buoy caused by vessels navigating outside the main channel.

The East Stones Light Buoy has been removed in order that repairs can be investigated.

Please could you draw your skippers and crews attention to the need under accepted practices for seamanship and navigation to maintain a good look out at all times especially if booms etc are swung outboard, and it is an offence under

Merchant shipping Act 1995 section 219 for :

1) A Person who without lawful authority,

a) Intentionally or recklessly damages –

(i) Any lighthouse or the lights exhibited in it, or

(ii) Any lightship, buoy or beacon;

b) Removes, casts adrift, or sinks any lightship, buoy or beacon; or

c) conceals or obscures any lighthouse, buoy or beacon;

Our NtM 02/2021 gives more information on offences relating to damage to Aids to Navigation.

Any comments regarding the requirement or other-wise to maintain an Aid to Navigation to mark the historical end of the East Stones training wall would be appreciated.


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