Direct Debits Hold-up

We have had several queries from members concerned that their Direct Debits (or BACS payments) haven’t been collected as usual during February and worried that their membership has lapsed. Let me put minds at rest, you are still on the database and still a member, just one who hasn’t paid the renewal as yet.

The delay is due to applications for the new treasurer, secretary and membership secretary to be able to access the account being stopped by the bank. We are all in the process of re-applying, having our IDs validated and so on. We hope it will go through soon but obviously Covid is delaying things, getting people together to witness and sign forms for example is impossible. Once the treasurer can access the account he will process your renewals.


  1. Hi

    I appreciate the problems that you have been having re the renewal of membership by direct debit and hopefully all will be resolved over a period of time.
    One slight concern in that I will be using the boat at the earliest opportunity and will be using the GOBA moorings, What would happen if I use the moorings prior to receiving my membership??

    Kind regards


    1. Hi. If you have not received your boat sticker by the time you are out on the river it should not be a problem. If challenged just quote your membership number. If you happen to have an email confirmation on your phone that would be instant proof. Much depends on honesty, many people feel uncomfortable both being challenged of challenging others. Enjoy the river

  2. What do I do about renewing my membership for this year (2021) ?
    I have been paying by cheque, but would be happy to pay by an alternative method if that’s a problem.
    I was hoping to find a link here on the website.

  3. Further to my previous post, I have now found an alternative way into the system and am now a fully paid up member again !
    I have printed off the invoice, but will you be sending stickers out this year?

  4. Hi there thank you received the Goba magazine yesterday and our membership sticker so will pay as soon as your up and running again, thank you for all you hard work 😊

  5. Hi,

    Just received the magazine with the sticker. Many thanks!

    Good luck with the bank. They’re never like they portray themselves in adverts. ☹️

    I am more than happy to pay the membership fee via PayPal, if that is possible (and if that helps).

    1. It’s up to you. The latest from the bank is that we should have access to the account in 7-10 days then our treasurer will activate the Direct Debits that are outstanding. Paypal would be quicker (or Credit/Debit card via the Paypal button) but if you have a recurring DD already set up make sure you cancel it before you pay twice!

  6. We renewed by pay pal March 3rd.We have sadly not received magazine and sticker,nor conformation of recipt. Who should we contact please. Membership S1212.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your magazine and window sticker haven’t arrived. I’ll put replacements in the posts ASAP.

      If anyone who joined after March 20 is reading this and wondering what happened to theirs, all I can say is I’m working on it! Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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